Panzercrom® Beschichtungsservice

      PANZERCROM® offers refurbishment of worn out machine parts with its specially designed welding consumables. New and refurbished components protected by PANZERCROM® hardfacing alloys are more wear resistant resulting in greater productivity with less unplanned downtime and reduced replacement and maintenance cost. Worn or damaged parts can be restored and returned to service for a fraction of the cost of new replacement components thanks to PANZERCROM® buildup alloys. Once restored, these parts can perform better than new with an extended service life.
As a industry professional, you owe it to yourself to learn how Panzercrom products can be utilized to rebuild and protect your vulnerable components from the ravages of wear and corrosion. Then you too can experience greater productivity and reduced operating costs thanks to PANZERCROM® engineered hardfacing solutions.

Vertical Mill Roller and Tables
Stone Crushers
Hydraulic Roller Presses
Casing parts
Conveyor screws
Crusher Segments

PANZERCROM Built to Resist!

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